“Fractional Outsourced Manager”



Each week, our manager will spend a half day, spread throughout the week (additional time is available) working with you and your team. By analyzing existing processes and introducing effective practices, we will and can transform your team into a formidable business force.  



Our First Meeting

Fractional Management Consulting is interested in working with clients where there is a good mutual fit, and we assume you want the same. Our experience shows that engagements with a good mutual fit are long-lasting and more successful.

At our first meeting, we will perform a basic needs assessment following a structured outline to determine improvement opportunities within your company. At a follow up meeting we will share our findings and present an initial plan of action.

Your team

 We work on creating a repeatable business process, defining and managing financial goals, and managing processes.

Fractional Management Consulting’s goal is to make your team more effective and accountable by developing:

  • process automation
  • sales generation
  • staff training

Each program is custom tailored to our client’s needs. By building a system that is sustainable and precise, it will create a consistent success driven process for the entire team.

Fractional Management Consulting and More

A Road Map for Success

What we do is we map a process that is tailored to your needs. Fractional Management Consulting will assess your needs and provide you a detailed report and an executive summery based on your current sales process.

What to expect in the first 30 days of the program:

  • We diagnosis your company’s process.
  • Fractional Management Consultants will develop an action plan based on the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current process and the skill level of the business team.
  • Review and develop internal and online tools.
  • Provide training and management of the company’s team.
  • Launch your Action Plan.

Identify Talent


Today’s talent market is driven predominantly by the candidate. The competition is fierce in acquiring talent and unlike years past, the best talent is working, happy, well paid and not looking for a job.

Gone are the days when you can post a job on your corporate website and get the premium talent you are looking for.

Acquiring the best talent starts with working with someone that understands talent. With over 10 years’ experience in senior-level executive search, we can help you identify, qualify and interview premium talent for your needs.

Fractional Management Consulting will only recommend candidates that are qualified and interested in your open position. Let us help you build your team.  


What Clients Say

“Engaging a fractional outsourced manager has helped us tighten our overall process. Now we spend less money on marketing and generate more sales per rep.”

Mike K

“The addition of a fractional outsourced manager has freed me up to engage in more important business activities. My consultant not only freed up my time, he has increased our sales nicely while doing so.”

Jay G.