What We Offer

At Fractional Management Consulting, LLC (FractionalMC) we perform the same function as full-time management, sales and financial leadership, but on a part-time, outsourced basis.


A FRACTIONAL OUTSOURCED MANAGER is a cost-effective alternative to the expense of a full-time manager. Based on the needs, we generally work with our clients ½ day to 1 day per week.


We are proven, successful business leaders who apply our experience to work with companies not only as consultants, but also as a part of the management team. We work with our clients to mold and provide structure as well as new ideas for the team.


In management, we address issues such as company structure, budgets, forecasting, marketing, short and long-term strategy as well as employment issues. We will guide a client through the process of developing a structured and repeatable business process.


In sales, we address issues such as lead generation, sales processes, strategy, online presence in marketing as well as, developing a repeatable sales process. This allows the client to work on other areas of their business while we focus on sales.

It’s Serious Business

and you may need a

Fractional Outsourced Manager

Ask Yourself

  • Do you need an experienced senior manager but hiring someone full-time doesn’t fit your current budget?
  • Do you see opportunities, but don’t have the time to manage and grow your team?
  • Are you missing the talent and resources needed to take your business’ revenues and strategy to the next level?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then consider the solution of a Fractional Outsourced Manager.


Why It Works

At Fractional Management Consulting we have the seasoned experience to implement proven processes that can work to your advantage.

Passion is what you have for the product or services you sell; however, many times the business side is a client’s Achilles heel. We can be your business side. We can convert your passion into a process that can provide KPI’s and experience-based feedback to guide you with appropriate decisions based on your business goals.




How We Help 

  • Analyze business processes and benchmark.
  • Review the company’s sales strategy as it relates to its products or services.
  • Assess existing talent; coach and lead existing talent.
  • Create a repeatable business process and structure.
  • Make recommendations based on the client’s needs and budget.
  • Think strategically with the client about their company, market and business process.